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Pye Company Locator

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Haig Road, Cambridge

Original Instrument company

St Andrews Road, Cambridge

Parent company 193? to 1960

St Andrews Road


British Electronic Industries Ltd

St Andrews Road, Cambridge

Parent company of merged Pye and Ekco.1960/1

Pye of Cambridge Ltd

St Andrews Road, Cambridge

From 1961

Pye Holdings Ltd

Abacus House, London

Owner of 100% of Pye of Cambridge share capital


Pye Business Communications Ltd

Cromwell Road, Cambridge

Television manufacture

Pye Consumer Products

St Andrews Road, Cambridge

Sales of consumer products - TV, radio etc

Pye Telecom Ltd

St Andrews Road, Cambridge

Radio telephones

Pye TVT Ltd

Coldhams Lane, Cambridge

Broadcasting studios, transmitters, OB Vans

TV Manufacturing Ltd


Television manufacture

Telephone Manufacturing Co Ltd (TMC)

Dulwich, St Mary Cray, Kings Lynn

Telephone equipment, electronic components

Pye Unicam Ltd

York Street, Cambridge

Scientific instruments


HC Banham Ltd

Mariners Way, Cambridge

Boat building and plastic components

Belling & Lee Ltd


Electronic components and RF Interference Suppression equipment.

BEPI (Electronics) Ltd

Galashiels, Scotland

Printed circuit board manufacture

Cabinet Industries Ltd


Cabinets for TVs etc

also C I Polymers (subsidiary)

Alfreton, Derbyshire

Foam mouldings and plastic cabinets


1957 - Church St, Cambridge

Cathodeon Ltd

1971 - Nuffield Road

Cathodeon Electronics Ltd

Southend on Sea

Thermionic valves & TV camera tubes

Cathodeon Crystals Ltd


Quartz Crystals

Egen Electric Ltd

Canvey Island, Essex

Electronic Components

Graseby Instruments Ltd

Surbiton, Surrey

Electronic test equipment, and avionics

Hinchley Engineering Co. Ltd

Devizes, Wiltshire

Electrical Transformers and Power Supplies split into a range of Graseby companies

Labgear (Cambridge) Ltd


Communications equipment, instruments and components

Lindley-Thompson Transformer Co Ltd

Langley, Slough, Bucks

Power Transformers

Magnetic Devices Ltd

Ditton Works, then Newmarket

Electro-magnetic relays & components

Newmarket Transistors Ltd

Exning Road, Newmarket

Germanium semiconductor devices

Pye Borders Electronics Ltd

Kelso, Scotland

Processes for high density electrical inter-connect systems

(became Keltec Ltd in 1981)

Pye Connectors Ltd



formerly Ether Biggleswade Ltd

Pye Dynamics Ltd

Park Avenue, Bushey, Herts

R&D for govt, environmental testing facilities

Formerly Ether Engineering Ltd which had taken over J Langham Thompson Ltd

In 1981 became Graseby Dynamics which later split into a range of Graseby companies

Pye Ether Ltd


Instrumentation and electronic components.

Previously Ether Ltd and Ether Controls Ltd

Ether Royston Ltd


Systems for converting machine tools to automatic control

Automation, Systems & Controls Ltd


Control Panels for Ether instruments

Pye Electro Devices Ltd

Exning Road, Newmarket

Electronic Components: mainly relays, solenoids & capacitors

Originally from 1949 Magnetic Devices Ltd

Pye Engineering Services Ltd

East Road, Cambridge

Mech components, metal racks, cabinets etc

Pye Ling Ltd

Royston, Herts

High Power Vibration Equipment

Pye Switches Ltd


Small switches

Pye Thermal Bonders Ltd

James Street, Cambridge

Radio frequency heaters and presses for wood work industry

Became RF Heating Ltd in 1981

TASC Drives Ltd

Oulton Works, Lowestoft

Variable Speed and Torque Drives

Originally Pye Electric (Lowestoft Division) Ltd

Varelco Ltd



W Bryan Savage

Westmoreland Road, London NW9

Originally high power amplifiers, later vibration tables

Woodcraft Productions Ltd

Coldhams Lane Cambridge

Wooden Cabinets for Radio / TV

W. Watson & Sons Ltd

Barnet, Hertforshire

Optical and Medical Equipment


TMC Main Factory and Head Office



TMC Transmission Division

St Mary Cray (Not a limited company)


Pye TMC Components Ltd


Electro-mechanical Components

Pye TMC Components Ltd

Kings Lynn



E.K.Cole Ltd

Southend on Sea

TV, Radio

E.K.Cole Malmesbury Ltd


Avionics & airborne radar, later telephones, PABX systems

Egen Electric Ltd

Canvey Island

Electronic components

Ekco Electronics Ltd

Southend on Sea

Ekco Plastics Ltd

Southend on Sea

Injection moulded plastic components

Ekco Instruments

Southend on Sea

Process weighing, nuclionic counters, military equipment

Ekco Ensign Ltd.

Dynatron Radio Ltd

Maidenhead, then Kings Lynn

High quality radio, TV, and audio equipment

Ekco Heating & Appliance Ltd


Same as LGH?

OTHER PYE COMPANIES - Consumer Products

Faraday Electronics Ltd

London SW9 then Sheerness, Kent

Range of electronics for commercial & military use

Faraday Radio Gramophones Ltd

London, SW9

Different from Faraday Electronics?

High Definition Television Ltd

TV manufacturing?

Invicta Radio Ltd

Langham, London

Domestic radio & TV receivers

Pam (Radio & Television) Ltd

Langham, London

Domestic radio & TV receivers, subsidiary Pamrex Ltd

L. G. Hawkins & Co Ltd

Drury lane, London

Domestic electrical appliances

Pamphonic Reproducers Ltd

Westmoreland Road, London NW9

Public address & audio equipment, later vibration equipment

Pye Records Ltd (also Nixa Records Ltd)

Trafalgar, London

Audio Recording & Records

OTHER PYE COMPANIES - Communications Products

Pye Scottish Telecommunications Ltd

Aidrie, Scotland

Military communications, then phones & PABX

Pye Marine Ltd

Oulton Broad, Lowestoft

Marine radio equipment

Rees Mace Marine Ltd

London, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft


Pye Finance Ltd


Also Pye Financial Services /Comms services


Coronet Industries, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Radio and TV manufacture

Corran Works Ltd

Larne, Northern Ireland

Domestic Radio & TV receivers

Pye-Electronic Ltd

Melbourne ,Australia

Radio communications equipment

Pye Canada Ltd

Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Radio communications equipment

Pye (Ireland) Ltd

Finglas, Dublin, Eire

Radio communications ancillary equipment

Pye (New Zealand) Ltd

Auckland, New Zealand

Radio communications equipment

Pye Radio & Television Pty (S. Africa)

Johannesburg, South Africa

Domestic Radio & TV

Technico Ltd

Sydney, Australia

Bendix-Technico Pty

Sydney, Australia

Akrad Radio Corporation Ltd

Waihi, New Zealand

Manufacture of Radio, TV, Radiotelephones

G.A. Wooler & Co Ltd

Auckland, New Zealand

Distribution of Pye radiotelephones

Green & Cooper Ltd

Wellington, New Zealand

Pye Corporation of America

New York, USA

Pye (France) S.A.

Paris, France

Does this include SFTP Paris??

Deusche Pye G.m.b.H.

Unidare Ltd

(a group of 9 Irish companies)

Republic of Ireland

Domestic appliances & industrial processes

Pye Italy

(2 companies)


Radio & T.V. Services Ltd


Servicing of Pye Group Radio and TVs



TV rentals??

United Rentals Ltd


TV rentals