BEPI (Electronics)

BEPI (Electronics)

Top: Numerical controlled drilling using a Trudrill 95 machine

Centre: General view showing a section of the computer controlled plating lines

Bottom Left: Printing of boards on a Riston printing machine

Bottom Right: Inspection of boards by Projection viewer

Typical through-holed plated boards

Company Introduction

BEPI (Electronics) Ltd is a major supplier of Printed Circuit Boards to a diverse range of industries including Business Machines, Computers, Telecommunications and Instrumentation. The company also supplies to the exacting requirements of defence contractors.

Forward thinking and planning allied to continual capital investment in modernised plant and machinery has enabled BEPI to command a leading role in a high technology market. The Company has opened an extension to its manufacturing plant investing more than £1million, the most important section being the introduction of two large automatic plating lines. Each individual flight bar can be programmed to meet any required plating specification.

All drilling of boards is by numerically controlled drilling operations. Order handling, production and scheduling are handled by a Prime 300 and a EBS11 resource allocation computer.

The production of all BEPI printed circuit boards is carried out using the most advanced equipment and within the strictures of rigorous quality control. BEPI produce to the most exacting quality approvals including DOAB, CAA, Post Office D 2398 B, DEF 05-21 and 59/48 (Parts 1 and 2) UL (File No. 53743).

Product Lines

Printed Circuit Boards - Plated through Hole and Multilayer