Pye Electro-Devices (Control)

Pye Electro-Devices (Control Division)

Typical units from the wide range of relays

Company Introduction

Pye Electro-Devices Ltd was formed in 1977 to amalgamate the very considerable development and manufacturing resources previously operated by two Pye Group Companies – Pye TMC Components Ltd and Magnetic Devices Ltd. It is now one of the foremost manufacturers of electronic and electro-mechanical components in the United Kingdom, with more than 1,000 employees mainly located in a number of specialised plants in East Anglia.

The Company has two divisions – Controls Division, with headquarters at Newmarket, and the Capacitor Division based at King’s Lynn.

Controls Division

The leading position of this Division is the result of more than 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of a broad range of professional components to exceedingly high standards, coupled with realistic costing. Efficient quality control ensures high product performance and the test house is BS9000 approved.

The company is a leading supplier to many industries including: computer, office machine, telecommunication, power generation and distribution, marine, automotive, railway, instrumentation, entertainment, and most British Government Departments and the British Post Office.

Product Lines

Relays, Keys, Switches, Keyboards, Solenoids, Control Valves

Top: Chosen for installations where efficiency and reliability are of utmost importance; here Pye keys and switches are channelling TV programmes to all parts of Britain. (Post Office Tower, London)

Centre: Keys, switches and electronic touch keyboards

Bottom Left: Part of the solenoid range

Bottom Right: Series 200 solenoid control valve