Newmarket Transistors

Newmarket Transistors

A high specification thick film circuit before and after encapsulation

Company Introduction

Over a period of twenty years, Newmarket Transistors have progressed from the manufacture of semiconductors to the highly specialised field of Thick Film technology. Having successfully developed and expanded their expertise and facilities, they are able to offer components built to the exact requirement of the customer. This comprehensive service covers a wide range of circuitry – from the simplest industrial device to the extremely high quality circuits demanded by Military and Telecommunication authorities. A measure of the quality and rigorous test and inspection levels at NKT can be gained from the fact that they were the first U.K. company to receive BS9450 approval for active and passive microcircuits.

At NKT, an established team of product marketing engineers are available to examine, advise and evaluate the feasibility of a customer’s Thick Film requirement, and close liaison is maintained from conception of the idea through to the sample stage and eventual production.

NKT’s devices are used in many fields including instrumentation, Medical, Telecommunications, Government and Post Office engineering. In the medical sector such things as hearing aids and aids for the blind incorporate NKT’s components, whilst other applications include, Mobile Radios, Alarm Systems, Mining Equipment and Broadcast Studio installation.

Product Lines

Thick Film Hybrid Microcircuits, Active Filters, Semiconductor Products, Silicon Transistors, Germanium Transistors

Top: Inside the trimming machine where screen printed resistors are precision trimmed to the required value and tolerance by computer controlled laser beam

Centre Left: Screen printing of conductor and resistor inks is carried out on automatic machines

Centre Right: Reflow soldering furnace

Bottom Left: Projection welding of metal cans is carried out inside a dry nitrogen atmosphere of better than 10ppm

Bottom Right: Typical examples of the range of packaging styles available

Some Examples of Newmarket Transistor Devices

Products donated by David Hetherington

Top: Germanium TO3 package 10A power transistor, produced until 1978

Left: Early audio (radio) Germanium transistor

Centre: Audio TO3 package audio Germanium transistor, produced until 1978

NKT 502 25 Amp Power Transistor with box and envelope containing mounting parts, in production 1960 to 1964

Two small signal silicon transistors

Thick film hybrid circuits produced from 1969. The blue epoxy on the left circuit covers silicon transistors. Circuits such as these would be conformally epoxy coated using a powder bath.

Gold and palladium silver printed substrates. The black areas are resistors whose range could be 10's of ohms to several megohms. The top right circuit has resistors which have been air abraded for adjustment - preceded CO2 laser trimming. The lower right circuit has a SAW device wire bonded for connection - probably a TV application.

Lower left, shows a conformally coated circuit and the other three are hermetic packages used in Telecoms, avionics and military applications.

Dual in line hermetic package.

Read the personal description of the technology, the company and the people of Newmarket Transistors as told by Geoff Griffiths (former Technical Director) ...

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