Pye Unicam

ICP and Other Techniques

The complete story of the development and marketing of ICP-OES products to download. 

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PYE UNICAM ICP - 250315.pdf

With thanks and acknowledgements to Mike Wassall (Pye Unicam).

Various Analytical Instruments From Across The Years

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Early Spectrometers 

SP300 Colorimeter

SP400 Absorptiometer

Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometers

PU 7450 ICP Spectrometer

PU 7000 ICP Spectrometer

iCAP 7000 ICP Spectrometer


Pye pH Meter

Model 79 pH Meter

292 Mk2 pH Meter

Various pH Meters

PW9527 Conductivity Meter

9450 Series pH Meters

PW9415 Ion Selective Meter

PU9509 Conductivity Meter


AC30 Automatic Chemistry

604 Process Chromatography