Pye staff in 1926

From humble beginnings consisting of WG Pye, with the occasional help of his wife, working in the garden shed at the bottom of his garden at 19 Humberstone Road, Cambridge to the 30,000 strong worldwide company, people were always key to the company's development.


Some of these people were entrepreneurs, others craftsmen, others technologists and engineers and others with managerial talents. 

Together, for 35 years under the inspired leadership of Charles Orr Stanley, they took the Pye brand to every corner of the world, supported the country in times of war and provided home entertainment and domestic appliances for the people, and communications and scientific equipment for businesses. 

Pye senior staff in the early 1920s 

Looking more like a Lowry painting, this picture shows the workers leaving the Pye Radio Ltd factory in Chesterton, Cambridge after a day's work in 1932. 

A typical Pye factory assembly line at work. 

The vast majority of such work was performed by female staff because of their superior manual dexterity, often required for complex assembly tasks. 

The following pages demonstrate some of the key people in the company, and some of the people at both work and play.