Belling & Lee

Belling & Lee

Typical products from the component ranges

Company Introduction

Belling-Lee design and manufacture a wide range of electrical and electronic products for worldwide, domestic, commercial, industrial and Government markets.

There are two main product groups within the Company.

1 – Electronic Components Group

Products in this group cover circuit protection and indication devices, single and multi-pole low voltage and power connections, terminals and terminal blocks, TV distribution equipment and fibre optic components and transmission systems.

2 – Radio Frequency Interference Suppression and Equipment Group

Products cover standard and custom built RFI/EMC shielded enclosures, standard and special filters and bushing capacitors.

Both groups have approval to DEF STAN 05-21 and are backed by our in-house BS9000 approved Test House.

Product Lines

Circuit Protection and Indication Equipment, Connectors, Terminals, Semi-Professional CATV Head End Equipment with CATV Channelised Head End Amplifiers, Fibre Optics Components and Systems, RFI /EMC Shielding and Filters, Custom Built Shielded Enclosures, Standard and Special Filters, Miniature Filters for SRC and Thyristor Controls.

Top: A selection from the range of fibre optic systems and components

Centre: Channelised headend amplifier with cover removed

Bottom: An L3000 modular shielded enclosure for RFI/EMC tests on satellites