Pye Electro-Devices (Capacitor)

Pye Electro-Devices (Capacitor Division)

Leading manufacturers of lighting equipment systems use Pye power factor correction capacitors. A typical application is this hall lighting installation by Philips

Top: Polystyrene capacitors including general purpose, high voltage, square and rectangular configurations and special “Post Office” types

Centre Left: Electrolytic capacitors Types ”W” and “E”

Centre Right: Large professional type electrolytic capacitors

Bottom Left: Motor run capacitors. On the right is a unit custom-designed to meet a customer’s particular requirement

Bottom Right: Motor start electrolytic capacitors

Metallised polypropylene film capacitors for lighting applications. The two plastic-cased units in the foreground incorporate a unique “quick insertion” terminal device

Company Introduction

The Capacitor Division of Pye-Electro-Devices based at King’s Lynn is the foremost supplier of power factor correction capacitors to the British Lighting Industry. This is the result of having pioneered the use of metallised polypropylene film as a dielectric, a technique which enables “dry construction”, thereby eliminating both the use of poly-chlorinated-biphenyl, a dangerous toxic fluid, and the damage created by leakage of the same. The film also has remarkable self-healing properties which overcome short-circuit problems.

Metallised polypropylene film capacitors are now accepted internationally as the most advanced type available and considerable export potential is being developed.

The Capacitor Division also produces wide ranges of both polystyrene and electrolytic capacitors.

The plant at King’s Lynn is a highly efficient, specialised unit devoted entirely to capacitor development, production and marketing. It includes a sophisticated Test House and has all of the facilities necessary to produce reliable, high quality, competitive capacitors.

Product Lines

Capacitors for the Lighting Industry, Polystyrene Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors, Motor Run Capacitors, Motor Start Capacitors