William George Pye

William George Pye was born on 27th October 1869.

He was trained by his father in the instrument business.

In 1892 Joined the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge as an instrument maker.

In 1896 he set up a part-time business (which later became W G. Pye and Co.) making scientific instruments. The business began in the garden shed of the family home at 19 Humberstone Road, Cambridge.

In 1897 he moved the company to 30 St Andrews Street and the following year W.G.’s father joined his son in partnership.

In 1899 W. G. Pye left the Cavendish Laboratory and the business moved to Mill Lane, named the Granta Works.

By 1913 the company had moved to Cam Rd/Haig Rd with 40 employees making laboratory equipment for students.

After CO Stanley bought the radio business WG moved his scientific instrument business to 80 Newmarket Road, together with his son, Harold Pye.