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On Other Pye Companies

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Also Belling & Lee

Also Tamura Hinchley Ltd and Cambridge Electronic Industries

Also Labgear Cablevision, Teleste Oy

Also Ekco Hawkins and Ekco Hastings

Also Unidare

Also Pye Industrial Electronics Ltd, Newmarket Microcircuits, Graseby Microsystems, Smiths

Also Pye Ling

Also Keltec Electronics

Also Flexicon Systems

Also J Langham Thompson, Graseby Dynamics, Smiths plc, Ether

Also J Langham Thompson, Pye and Graseby Dynamics

Also Ling-Temco-Vought

Also Otehall Ltd

Also Pye RF Systems

Also Pye Electric Ltd, Graseby Controls

Also Elco Corporation, Kyocera

Also Pamphonic