Egen Electric

Egen Electric

A selection from the range of potentiometers

Company Introduction

Over a period of 30 years Egen has become one of the foremost specialist designers and manufacturers of high quality carbon film and wire-wound potentiometers in the UK supplying both Radio and TV and Industrial Markets.

From this strong position they have expanded their capability into a wide range of other electromechanical components.

The Company, which ranks highly in good quality and reliability, operates the most stringent quality assurance and quality control system based on BS6001 (sampling procedure). Automatic machines are used to continuously check mechanical and electrical parameters. Throughout the Egen quality system information is monitored and analysed to ensure that quality levels are being maintained.

Egen are approved to BS9000 (General requirement for Electronic parts of assessed quality, DEF STAN 05-21 Potentiometers, Defence Quality Assurance Board.

Product Lines

Potentiometers, Variable Attenuators, Switches, Co-axial Isolators, Fixed Resistors, Ultrasonic Transducers, RF Coils, Luminance Delay Lines

Top: Mains and signal level switches

Centre: Fixed resistors

Bottom: Transducers and wound components