Selection from the extensive range of connectors for the electronics industry

Company Introduction

Varelco Ltd is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of electrical connectors which can be supplied to comply with the British Post Office and American MIL Specification. In addition to individual connector types Varelco is probably unique in providing expertise to design and fabricate complete back panel inter-connection systems and Press Fit PC boards. The Company is approved to DEF 0524 and has BS9000 Inspection Approval.

In addition to its range of standard connectors and back panels the Company provides a complete wire wrapping service covering manual, semi and fully automatic techniques. Varelco maintains its own consistent development programme and also has close association with a leading American manufacturer enabling the Company to continually keep abreast of new innovations and techniques from the USA.

Product Lines

Multiway Plugs and Sockets, Card Edge Connectors, Two-Part Edge Connectors, High Density Two-Part Connectors, Board to Board Connectors, DIL Sockets, Insulation Displacement Connectors, Interconnects, Variboard, Variplate, Wire Wrapping Service

Top Left: DIL plugs and sockets, interconnects and IDC connects

Top Right: Connectors conforming to VG Spec 95324 and DIN Spec 41612

Centre: Example of Variplate connector backplane and racking, including wire wrapping – designed to customers individual requirement

Bottom Left: Fully automatic wire wrapping machine, semi automatic and hand wiring facilities also available

Bottom Right: Operator loading contacts into PCB to produce Variboard connector backplane – a solderless connection system