Pye People at Play

Women's Football 1970s

From the 1930s until the 1960s Pye organised an annual outing for employees. Visiting seaside resorts such as Skegness, Great Yarmouth, Southend and Margate. There are many tales of how staff had "high old times" on these outings!

Even foreign trips were organised, such as Calais via Dover and another to Boulogne via Folkestone.

Off to Southend 1932

Pye Outing to Margate - Late 1940s

Pye set up a Social Club in the 1930s which continued for some 70 years.

It grew to have many sections covering all manner of sports and activities. Initially in a wooden pavilion, in 1978 a purpose built Sports Centre with bar etc was built.

Led by the redoubtable Jim Railton, the Pye Amateur Dramatic Society put on two shows each year through the 1960s and 1970s.

They played in Cambridge's ADC Theatre to packed houses.

Preparing for the "Bumps" 1984.

This is the commemorative oar for the occasion of the 1984 "Bumps" on the River Cam, detailing the actual Pye crew in the adjoining photograph.

The Cox is a 13 year old Peter Hall, and his dad, David, is at number 6.

Photograph courtesy of John Welton (number 7 in the boat).

Girls Netball Team 1932.

Men's Football Team 1931.

Men's Football Team 1957.

K.H.Robinson in the centre.

Women's Football 1970s.

The Pye Motor Club

A relatively rare metallic badge of the club, to be mounted to the front of the car.

Starting in the 1930s, Pye held an annual Sports Day on the playing fields by the river until the 1980s.

It was a big occasion, drawing large crowds with teams from many Pye companies competing in both serious and fun events.

The 1972 Programme of Events.

Pye Sports Day. The day attracted large crowds, especially for the annual tug-of-war - the final usually between Pye Telecom and Pye Unicam.

Pye Sports Day. Miss Pye and Pye of Cambridge Managing Director, Sir John Stewart-Clark in 1977.

Pye Sports Day.

Serious competition in a wide range of events.

Pye Sports Day.

Miss Pye 1980.

Pye Sports Day.

Less serious competition - including Dwyl Flonking in 1973 and Welly Throwing in 1980.

Pye Sports Day.

Sports Day was for everyone - even "Lady Godiva" on horseback.

Pye Sports Day.

It always ended in the presentation of the prizes.

Here, Lord Thorneycroft, Chairman of Pye of Cambridge, is presenting the prizes in 1976.

In this picture, Tony Jolley of Pye TVT (and later Pye Telecom) is the happy winner.