The Pye Postscript

... and Pye lives on

The Pye Foundation

The Pye Trust Fund was founded by the Directors of Pye Radio Ltd in 1936 with the objective of providing welfare support for ex-employees who may have become disadvantaged in some way. In the late 1960s, all of the Pye businesses were taken over by Philips Electronics and the Pye Trust Fund became the current Pye Foundation in 1976. 

The Pye Foundation continues today and is a grant making charity. Its prime objective is to ensure strong social and welfare support is available to ex-employees of the Pye and Philips businesses, primarily in East Anglia. In addition it works closely with, and provides funding to, the pensioner-oriented Pye Association.

The Trust also provides financial support to local charitable activities that, in many different ways, provide benefits and enhance social cohesion in the local community where these ex-employees and their families live.

Website -

www. pye-foundation.org 

To learn more of the detailed history of the Pye Foundation, Roger Crabtree has compiled an overview from the Trust's Minute Books.

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A Brief History of the Pye Foundation.pdf

The Pye Association 

The Pye Association provides support and social interaction for ex-Pye employees by means of 

The Pye History Trust

The Pye History Trust was formed to preserve the Pye company history, documents, equipment and personal memories.

(L to R)   Simon Howes, Roger Crabtree, Dick McMullan, Pauline Howes, Mike Wassall, Richard Howes, Bob Bates 

(Absent from the picture is David Featherby)

The Pye Building

A dedicated building at the Cambridge Museum of Technology housing important Pye products and historical information.

Pye History Websites

Two websites have been developed to compile the historical background of the Pye company from its original founding right through to its eventual demise.

Both sites, www.pyemuseum.org and www.pye-story.org (this site), document the products, people and memories of a company that was a world technology leader in its time.

... a lasting legacy to one of the founding technology companies of the "Cambridge Phenomenon"