Pye Telecom

How They Work

Radio Systems

Radio Systems – the invisible connection

When you make or receive a call on your mobile phone, you are connecting to a radio system.

These invisible radio systems are all around

• In our homes

• At work

• In our local area

• Across the whole nation

• Around the whole world

Everywhere – and invisible

Communications on the move

Pye Telecom provided radio systems for professional users

Radio systems are broadly classified by reference to the users. Examples are:-

• Private systems

• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth used at home/office

• Public systems

• Mobile phones used by the public

• Professional Systems

Two-way radio systems used by Police, Fire, Ambulance, Business & Industry and Military/Government Agencies

Radio Systems Components

Radio systems are usually individually designed or customized for the purchaser or operator or user.

However, they are built from a range of key standard components:

• Fixed Station transmitter-receivers

• Mobile and portable radio units

• Operator controllers

• Radio links

• Radio towers/masts/radio sites

• Aerial systems

Pye Telecom provided Professional Radio Systems

These are normally ‘closed’ systems, meaning that only users from the organization, company or user group can access them

Users such as:-

• Local, regional and national Police Forces

• Fire Brigades

• Ambulance Services

• Government Agencies

• Military

• Fuel & Power & Water Utilities

• Transportation Operators

• Business & Industry

Example Radio System

A large UK Home Office VHF radio system for the Police being tested at Pye Telecom, Newmarket Road in the 1970s.

Example Radio System

Local area

The network diagram of the Lancashire Police local area VHF radio system.

Example Radio System


The network diagram of the Eastern Gas VHF radio system which provided mobile radio communications over the whole of East Anglia.

Example Radio System


The UK nationwide network diagram of Project Mould, a £15m home defence radio network for the British Army, showing the radio link paths and fixed station sites.

Pye Telecom Radio Systems Division

The Radio Systems Division of Pye Telecom had international reach, and provided analysis, planning, design, production, installation and support to customers worldwide.

Pye Telecom UK Service Department

The UK Service department provided customer support, installation and maintenance from a network of depots and mobile service vehicles Nationwide.