Pye Telecom

Portable Devices in the 1960s

Pye AM10P Cambridge VHF Transportable Radiotelephone


Pye AM10P Cambridge VHF transportable radiotelephone

This is a transportable, battery powered version of the popular Pye Cambridge AM10/FM10 mobile radio.

It is shown here with its BC2 battery charger.

The Cambridge series used a valve transmitter and a transistorised receiver.

Transmitter power output 5-10 Watts.

Pye PF1 Pocketfone, UHF Handheld Portable Radiotelephone


Pye PF1 Pocketfone, UHF handheld portable radiotelephone

Pye pioneered the use of UHF frequencies for short-range communications and the PF1 was widely adopted by the Home Office for local communications by all police forces.

The PF1 featured separate transmitter and receiver units. The receiver was carried in the top pocket where its upward-facing loudspeaker could be easily heard, and the transmitter was carried separately and only used when making a call back to police control.

Transmitter power output 0.15 Watt.

Pye PF1C Compact, UHF Handheld Portable Radiotelephone


Pye PF1C Compact, UHF handheld portable radiotelephone

A single unit, larger version of the PF1 UHF portable, which mounted both transmitter and receiver into one case.

This case-design concept became the standard for all hand-held portable radiotelephones up to the present day.

Transmitter power output 0.15 Watt.

Pye HP1AM/HP1FM Bantam Shoulder- carried VHF Portable Radiotelephone


Pye HP1AM/HP1FM Bantam shoulder- carried VHF portable radiotelephone

This single-unit VHF radio was used to give much longer range than the low-power, UHF PF1 and PF1C models.

It allowed communication on up to 3 different frequency channels and used either rechargeable batteries or dry batteries as the user chose.

Several different versions were produced including ruggedized versions for industry and also a military version called the Pye Commander.

Transmitter power output 0.5 Watt.

Pye Westminster W15AM/W15FM VHF Transportable Radiotelephone


Pye Westminster W15AM/W15FM VHF transportable radiotelephone

This transportable battery powered conversion unit enabled the standard dash- mount Westminster to be used as a man-carried portable two-way radio.

The standard unit contained a 4 Ah NiCd battery pack, loudspeaker and retractable telescopic antenna. An optional leather carrying case was available.

A version with higher battery capacity was supplied to the British Army for Platoon use.

The battery charger used was the BC2.

Pye ‘Chief Executive’, UHF Transportable Radiotelephone


Pye ‘Chief Executive’, UHF transportable radiotelephone

This equipment was made in small quantities for UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

Harold Wilson objected to obvious or overt security precautions around him.

This PF1 based UHF radiotelephone was styled in a manner similar to a domestic transistor radio, in order to provide a short-range communications facility, but not to be too conspicuous for the Prime Minister.

Transmitter power output 0.15 Watt.